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Sick Bed (2018), mattress, wool, chains.

Sick Bed is a sculptural work that reflects tensions between materials. The bed, an object synonymous with sanctuary and comfort, is stripped away in layers until all that is left is the sharp metal interior skeleton. When dealing with the barbs of metal that protrude from the springs, one wonder how such a comfortable object can be comprised of such a vicious structure. The soft furry yarn has been hand wrapped around sections of the mattress. When wound tight around the springs, the overall appearance becomes soft and the viewer sees the hard skeleton as more inviting once again, whilst still showing the intricate shape of the internal structure. 

Sick Bed (2018), Installation View at the Nunnery Gallery. 

   The purpose of wrapping and encasing the springs is to highlight that what one sees on the surface is not always fully representative of what lies within. 

   When displayed at the Nunnery Gallery in Bow in March 2018, one half of the mattress was shown. When exhibiting later in 2018, the sculptural installation will be complete when the other half of the mattress is also shown, contrasting yet complementing the initial half.

   The theme of encasing will continue, as will the colour palette of 'sickly pastels' that I associate with hospitals and health centres. The work will be exhibited at the ODS BA Fine Art Degree Show at Middlesex University in May 2018. 

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