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Fluoxetine Dreams (2017), hand embroidered blanket


    Fluoxetine Dreams is the first work that I created as a direct representation of my inner thoughts and feelings. The hand-embroidered blanket is a tangible representation of comfort and a metaphor for my continual pursuit of safety when dealing with the struggles of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). I have hand stitched facts, medications, thoughts and misconceptions associated with the condition and the suggestion of a figure beneath the blanket represents how OCD covers and surrounds every aspect of myself and my life. 

    Obsessive compulsive disorder is widely misunderstood in modern society and the term OCD is often used as an adjective, thrown around incorrectly and flippantly in ways that relegate the experiences of OCD to nothing more than an idiosyncrasy, a quirk, something that warrants laughter and ridicule. I have seen mugs, hand sanitisers, clothing and other items blazoned with quotes and jokes that trivialise and make fun of OCD. I have also come across countless posts and comments on social media that use “OCD” as a term to describe things such as a tidy desk, organised bookcase or colour coordinated wardrobe. 


Fluoxetine Dreams (2017), Installation View at Islington Arts Factory, 2017.

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